4-27-24 by dave

It was raining in the valley, which was totally socked in, and clear and sunny up on the hill to start the day. There was 3 or 4 inches of fresh frosting overnight, with some deeper amounts on the West aspects. The quality was soft and spreadable, with the lower substrate in play, but the density cushioned the ride as I anticipated yesterday. Clouds moved up after the first hour or so making the visibility go south quickly. There was a fair push for the early Trams, but everyone headed for the Mineral Chair thinning the crowd on the front side.

It was mighty quiet in the locker room as everyone was already up on deck ready to rock.

Tomorrow, look for a tad more accumulation, with some more flurries and visibility issues in the AM. I will be looking for the prepared lines, which will have had the freshness tilled into the mat. I expect some nice carving material to work for the first hours of the morning. Clearing skies are predicted, so visibility may well improve as the day moves forward. Be sure to stick around for the Plazapalooza festivities, with music and good vibrations. I am looking forward to another great week of Spring sliding and low traffic. Stay Frosty!

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