12-13-19 by dave

The rain thundered on the skin of The Trailer all night long with a fury, telegraphing a heavy delivery up on the hill. Traffic up the Canyon was light to start out early, but with a delayed opening on the hill, the faithful were lining up at Gad Zoom to await the opening. The Tram opened around 10:15AM with the Peruvian side of the hill opening around 11:30AM. The new installment was quite heavy and wind affected, which made a direct power approach the way to keep it moving. I was looking for the outside lines that seemed to be getting ignored. Here is a great shot of a future little shredder that was suiting up for the afternoon session.

This little shredder was still thinking about getting suited up for the day. She would be all smiles in a few minutes.

Tomorrow, expect more accumulation overnight, plenty of wide open lines that will be ready after mitigation has been completed, and fair pressure for the goods. There will be an early morning Canyon closure for control work, so check the road report for current access. The hill is in great shape and the lines are really filling in. Still, there are high traffic lines that are, as usual, getting scraped down to the ground, so expect that going over some of the choke points. I’ll be taking the day off tomorrow to rest up for the week. Speed Safely!!

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