4-21-12 by dave

After promising heat all last week, we finally got a full dose of the Sun as it worked the aspects in order.  It was warm on the peak as the first Tram arrived, however, the North and West facing was still frozen solid.   Working the aspects made those East facing and groomed delicacies  the best go to lines for the first hour before the traffic and Sun pushed the limits on worthiness.  Regulator began to break at 11:00AM with Mark Malu going off just a touch sooner.  Timing is everything these mornings, and attention to slight shifts in the arc can pay big dividends.  By noon the lower elevations had become sticky and sludgy, straining the ligaments, so I bailed to reconfigure the antenna array to account for the Sun Spots.  Tomorrow, look for another warm morning, but  expect the same freeze over of the higher elevations to make the timing similar, or perhaps a bit earlier, to today’s progression.  The cover is holding up fairly well, with only some of the high points on the lower mountain showing the earth and shrubberies.  The High North is no longer holding the cold at all, but has been affected by the ambient warmth even at the peak.  Expect those lines to be a bit tricky until the softening occurs, and given that the peak was at 50 Degrees when I left, it won’t take too long to go off.  Keep your eyes peeled.   See you for the morning fun.  IBBY!!

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