4-20-12 by dave

It was clouded over this morning with a light rain falling on the Plaza, but the First Tram proved to be sensational.  Both front and back were good calls this morning, though the visibility was marginal to start things off, but that feature kept the snow from glopping out in the high angle Sun.   Great snow was as to be had on both sides of the hill, as the lower section did not freeze up, leaving it very blastable even down lower into the transition to rain elevation.  Later in the day the Sun came out, and I had to bail to save my knees from the stickiness that was going on the lower mountain.   It is best to stay up high when you have a chance, to avoid the lower conditions.  Tomorrow, look for the High North to still hold some of the soft, but the Sun hits it quick, so an eye to aspect will really help in the AM.   They promise a  sunny day, so get there early for the best of the day.   Here is a shot of that snow wave that broke for 3 weeks.  Ciao!!

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