4-18-24 by dave

The morning temps were very cold, and the pack had frozen hard leaving super glaze on the prepared lines that had not seen any Sun. Mineral Basin was offering barely breaking prepared lines that were smooth and edgeable, but it was going to take a long time for the break to go off. Sections broke depending on the aspect and after a Lewis and Clark tour I retired to The Forklift to let softening occur. At 11:30 AM the front of the hill began to break but it wasn’t till 1PM that Regulator and the lower aspects of Little Cloud began to offers sweet sorbet that was a real treat once it got that Sun working.

A long shot of Mineral Basin from The Landing as I worked the Lewis and Clark prepared lines.

With that kind of cold in the pack, the break was slow and lasted a long time and only got sticky on the lower elevations at 2PM. Traffic was light and the Tram was running a 15 minute cycle.

Pipeline taken from The Road to Provo when I was testing the break on Mark Malu. I was a tad early, but Mark Malu proper was great and then, lower, it was brutal till softening occured.

Tomorrow, look for another late start as I think the freeze will persist again in the AM. Stay ahead of the break and enjoy some really nice spring turning as the day develops. Stay Frosty!!

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