1-01-10 by dave

Everyone decided to sleep in this morning leaving the Tram walk on fast all morning.  2” of 14% made the groomers butter smooth and the off trail significantly softer. The high density seemed to bond and cover the icy spots, leaving just a few spots to consider.  A few runs in Mineral Basin found lots of deep sections which had been blown in by the wind.  No one on the chair made that area fast as well.  The morning fog gave way to sunshine and warming temps. turning the New Year day into a special one.  The snow consistency was so sweet, feeling like a  carvaceous dessert topping.  I was finally able to stand on a turn and feel confident the rug was not going to be pulled out; you know the feeling.  Great grooming added to the overall smoothness, with some of the most recently ignored lines getting a fresh mow.  2” on top of that and you know it had to be good.  This snow did not change the overall difficulty on the entrance points in the high aspects, which will require quit a bit more snow.  Look for the outside lines off trail for best smoothness as the adjacent lines are getting a workout making them bumpy.   The lower mountain is getting progressively better, but watch for small stumps and willows as you move in the off trail areas.  It is almost time for new skis, though I  am going to wait just a touch longer.   See you on the early Tram.   IBBY!!

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  1. Mosk says:

    See you in three weeks…….I read your blog almost daily.

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