1-02-10 by dave

A few new inches of gropal fell overnight with the wind blowing it into the low areas.  Great skiing was on tap  for this Saturday with low traffic keeping the Tram in a walk on mode for most of the day.  The new snow continued to bond to the glassy spots, reducing their number, and making the overall conditions much better.  Some of the bumpy areas are getting a fresh filling, while other areas are becoming accessible.  The Upper Cirque was re opened and it appeared to have had takers, though I can assure you that I would not venture there yet.  Bony, would be a less than adequate description.  Perhaps skeletal,  There is simple nothing there, no buffer.  It will come, so I will give it the time.  The West facing shots are shaping up with the new snow and the wind. Ridge lines and break-overs still present issues .  I am aiming for the fat bits for a tad longer.  The off trail snow pack has the best carve-ability, where the Man Made sections are a bit more glassy in spots.  The trade off is in the coverage.  The main runs have solid cover, while the off trail  shots are getting more trust worthy every day.  Care should still be taken before you charge into anything critical.  Mineral Basin is still getting good reports from all aspects, with soft soft snow abundant.  That is a good call with the morning sun, as the Gad and Peruvian sides are still in the dark early on, and no line to wait in.    I think it is going to be quite cold in the AM. , so I will be dressing accordingly.  See you on first Boat!!  Ciao!

2 Responses to “SHAPING UP”

  1. deadskier says:

    Had to believe that you finally joined the bits & bytes world! It has been a long haul for you to advance beyond the light attachment on the classic.
    The spirit of the deadskier still lives in locker 483 within the bowels of the once employee locker area.
    The 44 million verticle foot tracks that once blanket the “birds” terrian are now only ghost runs, but the essence remains forever!
    Now the deadskier roams around the cold, hard to get to Mountains of Montana and lays claim to Big Sky! Of course, they don’t get the volume of flakes, but for a Deadskier less is better. The groomers stay pressed most of the day for a lack beaters, boarders and hardcores.
    The deadskier knows that Spooner,dave, curt, chuck and maybe john eventhough aged still guard the gates of the fresh and the steep even as the virus of lifts have altered the terrian and the disease of boarding has infected the King of the Ski Mountains-“SNOWBIRD”!


    DEADSKIER 1/03/10

  2. dave says:

    Yes, the technical vastness of the future is a bit like having bees in your head,but… there they are. I seems the Dead Skier is feeling better. All his friends remain Bird side holding down the fort. He is sorely missed. Get back here SHRED!!!

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