4-03-12 by dave


It was 21 Degrees on the peak when first Tram arrived on the peak.  Extensive Grooming had been done on all sides  of the hill.  Mineral Basin beckoned with Silver Diamonds buffed perfectly top to bottom.  I lapped that perfection all morning long to take advantage of the rarity.  Out of area was open, and I was tempted to do a tour, but Mineral was so good, there was nothing out of area that would have been any better than those shots prepared just for us.  I slowed down on the steep section to pull more out of each turn,  savoring the carvalicious quality of the lines.  I was thinking back to the days, before the Basin was open to the public,  we used to dream about what was back there, and if you had dropped that line we were lapping to day, you would have thought you died and went to heaven, even thought you would have to slog out of there after the run.   So, needless to say, I got all of that and then some.  The warmth took over and began to soften up, going past good at 1:00PM, when the consistency got just too sticky back there.  That was when the front side of the hill started to shine as the warmth moved around breaking the crispiness, becoming back country smooth.  Yummmm!!!   Tomorrow, look for the groomers to be the place to be as the day begins, though the High North is still holding up, but all other aspects are very affected by the Sun, so follow the Sun again and keep dialing in some of the best spring corn goodness.   Here is a shot of the snow sculpture on the top of the Peruvian Chair, which is quite interesting in the Sun.   Peace Out!!

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