4-04-12 by dave

This morning seemed warm, but the front side of the hill was frozen solid wall to wall.  Mineral Basin was calling with bright Sun, though a stiff South wind was blowing and the peak temps were colder than expected.  I caught a gimps of a land mark grooming path cut right down the steepest part of Chamonix Chute, so we lapped around and got the first tracks ever on this present sent from the Grooming Crew.  The aspect was taking the early morning rays of the Sun, which had softened it to corn goodness top to bottom.   MAZOLA!!!  It was as good as any back country line I can think of, so I kept lapping the line until the breakfast bell.  The front side of the hill was slow to warm, but once it got going the lines went off in fine order, keeping a back to back pace an easy option.  The off trail did soften up finally, broadening the line choices, but there were some sticky spots at the bottom of the hill as the day progressed.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to have been given the tenderizing treatment, and the warming may take longer if this system begins to block the Sun.  You can back off your start time significantly to avoid the morning glaze.  Watch the steeps, where the crusty funk could make the decent very tricky.  The High North has not been spared the warming damage, so chose wisely.  It looks like we might get some fresh in the next couple of days to get thing going once again.   See you on first Boat, then I will decide if the Forklift Chair calls me in early.   Ciao!!!

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