3-29-17 by dave

Great grooming had been performed  on all sides of the hill, working the freshness of the past few days into the mat.  That new snow really improved the consistency, and made a ground pounding approach fun and fast.  It was a bit cool for the morning session, but that helped preserve the quality on the direct aspects for a much longer time before they went South.   Out in Mineral Basin, Lone Star had been given the smoothing treatment, and that pitch was off the charts amazing.  The Morning Crew lapped that pitch a number of times before it was discovered.  Moving to the front of the hill, we found smooth sliding lines that were still holding strong from yesterday, as well as the prepared Lower Mountain lines that held up till late in the day, despite the temps. rising.  Here is a great shot of Team Christmas Motors of Acton MA.  I had a great time showing them the steep and the smooth from wall to wall, and they killed it.  I was very happy that they got this window of perfection in between storms.  It is always nice to share the Dance Floor with friends you have known all your life.  Thanks for skiing guys.  Tomorrow, look for a system to begin moving in for the next couple of days.  Visibility could be on the wain as the day progresses, with expected precipitation later in the day.  The Groomers will be offering the best ride, and in the variable light will be the go to place for rockin’ performance.  The off trail areas that saw a lot of Sun today should be avoided as they will be difficult.  Coverage remains excellent all over the hill and new snow will just keep the ball rolling.  Dial It Up, Lay It Down!!!


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