3-30-17 by dave

A furious flurry descended on the hill just before the First Tram left the dock, leaving a few inches on top and an inch and a half covering the lower elevations.  On the Peak, the wind was blowing hard and, despite nominal data on the stat sheet, it was quite cold.  Mineral Basin was offering excellent Groomed lines that were nicely covered with the fresh flash cover, but visibility was marginal out in the Bowl.  The snow stopped as fast as it began and some quick clearing happened, which offered a window of clarity on a very variable morning.  Here is a shotthat Neil took when the opportunity arose.  On the front of the hill, smooth lines had been prepared, and Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path had been given a nice treatment that only got better with the flash flurry.  A bit of Sun hit the slopes when the short window opened and it baked the new product on the lower elevations, making them sticky and tricky.  When the clouds filled back in the temps. dropped a bit and the pack got fast again all in a very short period.  The real weather moved in around Noon, bringing high density snow that was falling hard and fast.  Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation to be offered as the system has settled in for the next while.  Expect a storm riding day, heavier traffic for the goods, and variable visibility in the storm conditions.  The higher density snow should cushion the ride on the off trail areas, which were very difficult today with such a small accumulation.  In closing, here is a shot of Snoopy getting the goods in that short window of Sun today.  I want to give a big shout out to Gin Chow who is the keeper of this fast mover.  We miss him on the hill.  Rock On Gin!!  See you tomorrow for the fresh installment.  Speed Safely!!

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