Great Corn

4-30-09 by dave

Light traffic this Thursday morning with few on the first boat.  The Mineral Basin was the definite call as this morning was much warmer, and the front side was still quite crispy.   Light wind rewarded me as I , again, dressed” for how I wanted it to be ” taking full advantage of the vacant runs.  Anderson’s was a tad scary with the frozen groovelocity, which threatened to tear a ski off at storming velocity..  It would have been ugly!!.  Lower down I scaled back the throttle, thinking better of the potential for disaster.  Two runs down sent me to the fabulous Forklift chair ,where I waited for softening to occur.  11:00 Am was the start of the breakage , but you had to work the angles to get it  right.  12 Noon was the time for  a more  ambitious approach to the groomers, which were becoming delightful and buttery.  The continued freeze thaw cycles has kept the glue spots from forming until quite late.  Regulator was the last to soften,and became like a back country shot with perfect carvability.  The beauty did not stop there as the entire run to the bottom was epic.  It reminded me of the Red Baldy drainage  when you get it just right.  So sweet!!.  Back to back casual Trams were going off, giving ample time to make each one, and a nice group of late comers kept the energy high all around.  Weather coming in,during the next few days, will begin to affect the general ambience so check and see what it looks like before rushing on up.  This will affect the timing and lighting so be advised. See you on first Tram regardless!!!

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