Taking A Chance

5-01-09 by dave

Friday morning looked ugly.   Rain on the window of the trailer and a soft patter on the roof.    Should I go or should I stay?  I have a bunch of stuff to do before I have to morph back into  ASPHALT MAN … You know get new tights,  stitch up the burn holes in the cape, polish the shiny paving boots, – got to look good you know- refinish my shovel, and descend down from the mountain top where  time itself seemingly stands still.  So I think ” got to go to know” so I mounted up and made first tram.  Fog had shrouded the canyon as I entered , but a glimmer of sun broke out as I gained altitude.  Maybe it will be interesting.  More than interesting it was as the cloud cover and above freezing temps. had kept the snow pack from getting fully firm.  Chips was velvety up high and began getting down right sumptuous as I made the descent.  The HELL HOLE had been buffed and was like Buttah,  shear Buttah.  20 minute Tram schedule made it perfect for rapid back to back rippage, but that allowed no lollygagging.  Light traffic necessitated the casual Trams, and that translated into uncrowded slopes.  It was going to go fast so I got down and dirty hooving down as much vert. as the Tram would allow.  Just a few others were on the pace so everything stayed vacant.  By 12:30 PM things began to get a bit slushy, though the glide factor stayed good with only occasional glue spots to be cautious of.   Unsettled weather moving in and I’ll get all those  peripheral chores done tomorrow.  I better take off the tinfoil hat to be sure and get the TRANSMISSIONS from THE BIG GIANT HEAD because I need the money.   What, you think I listen to that noise for free?!!!

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