3-09-17 by dave

The temps. are beginning to warm up, though there was still a nip in the air on the peak, however, I was OK dressed in my light shell for the morning session.  The Groomers in Mineral Basin were offering very nice corduroy, with White Diamonds and Lower Silver dipper offering the ground pounding fun that was worth lapping many times.  Here is a shot of the top of Ski PatrolGully that illustrates the wind stripped aspects that are down to that crust we got a  month ago.  The wind giveth, and the wind taketh away.  On the front of the hill, the High North was offering some great lines that were dry and chalky and that steep exposure really makes you pay attention.  Over on Gad 2, really fun lines were to be found and the upper trees still were  holding the cold despite the warmth.  Here is a shot of these ladies who were ripping up the hill.  Don’t let the whimsical outfits fool you, they were on the gas in a big way!!    The day did warm up and the usual aspects that take the heat were absorbing a lot of the Sun’s rays making them feel quite Spring like indeed.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the best lines, and Mineral Basin is the place to start out ripping in the bright Sun.  Watch those South and East facing aspects as they will be very crunchy after and overnight freeze.  Regulator should be left for later, as it took the heat hit and will be tres crispy in the AM.  The High North will still be holding the cold and those high hanging wind lines will still be good to go. I had a great time taking my time tooling around the hill during the afternoon today and I met the Connecticut Crew on the Tram.  They read the report daily and have all read Snowbird Secrets.  It was a treat meeting them and getting some feedback on how they assimilated the information in the book.  Great meeting you folks.   “…. Explode Into Space!!”

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