3-10-17 by dave

The days have been warming up as we head into March.  There was still a bit of a nip when first Tram hit the peak, but out in Mineral Basin the softening was happening quickly.  On all sides of the hill, amazing Groomers had been prepared, with lines in Mineral Basin that rarely ever get the industrial smoothing.  Today, Dean’s Gully got the nod for the first time, and that steep direct pitch was worth getting  every bit before the crowd sussed it out.  I was able to pound out 4 fast laps before anyone figured it out.  Here is a shot of the buff from the bottom of the line.    On the Front of the hill, the Anderson’s Hill-Lower Primrose Path combination made the lower two thirds of the hill a ground pounding extravaganza.  Over on Gad 2, Upper Zooks was given the treatment, offering dry chalky smoothness even after Noon.  By 1 PM., the lower elevations began to really soften up, making some of the sections a bit sticky indeed.  I was dialing back the roll  to avoid a possible ” over the handle bars” incident.  A high cloud cover began to screen the Sun’s full rays, and the lights seemed to go out a bit.  Tomorrow, look for more great Grooming on all sides of the hill.  Be sure to check out what new and exciting lines may have been worked for the morning session.  The High North is still holding the cold, but he low rumble is building and the interference patterns are really building up on the high traffic areas off trail.  Still, there is plenty of terrain to find great off trail fun, but avoid those due South and West aspects until softening occurs.  With the recent warmth, that softening will be happening fast.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow for R and R, so go get those rare lines that may well be offered in the AM.   Speed Safely!!

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