3-13-16 by dave

A major storm is rolling toward the Front, and today was showing the first signs of the approach.  Thick high clouds obscured the Sun and a stout breeze was blowing, which was transporting some snow around the hill.  The High North was still holding the cold, even after the warmth we had.  The Groomers were offering some very nice corduroy, except on those due South and West aspects which did get worked by the warmth.  I found dry chalky lines top to bottom, with only the last 200′ of the hill offering the crispiness that I was anticipating.  Here is an DSC03666interesting cloud formation that seemed to be creeping up from the South which I took from the peak on First Tram.  Visibility was good, but the light was flat, so I stayed close to the trees for the reflected light that helped with the definition. Light snow started falling around 10:00AM., that was a relief as the deck temp. was saying 41 Degrees.  With a peak temp. of 25 Degrees and that stout wind, the pack was not going to be softening very much at all.  The forecast is for significant precipitation to begin around Midnight tonight and will extend through Tuesday, so get ready for the goods to be delivered.  High winds will also be associated with this system, so we can expect some interesting conditions.  Tomorrow, dress for storm riding that should be quite interesting.  Check the road report in the AM. for restrictions, as the road could be greasy.  DSC03667The Subaru Winterfest was in full swing today on the Plaza, with ski demos and a lot more fun things to check out. This Snowbird Subaru will be getting covered with the goods in the next couple of days and just when we need it.  Though it looks like Spring is here, Winter is not over yet and deep powder is just around the corner.  Gird your grid for a big one.  Straight ahead!!

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