10-05-10 by dave

A cut off low pressure system is spinning continually in Nevada as I write this, as the cycle comes back around to the front side.  A light dusting was observed in Baldy Bowl this morning, but it did not last.  It is just a teaser, indicating the beginning of the return of the coming ski season.  I have been hoping that an early snow will hold off, as so often, the flow shuts off until Christmas.  When we keep that dry pattern, it usually changes abruptly into winter.  It seems that the storm build up is much stronger and consistent.  Keep checking here, as I will be keeping  updates on the progress of of the snow pack as we get it going into the opener.  Here is a shot of PIPELINE for you to focus on as you visualize the fat snow pack that we prefer.  A solid collective  image will work wonders to get a 100” base before  Christmas.   Oh Yes, that is a distinct possibility.  I will be adding more content as I get started and there will be some new features that I am still working on for this season.  I am presently fighting may way back through the dimensions

PIPELINE clean and hollow

as the DARK MATTER WARS  continue, though the demands of the DARK SIDE seem to be backing off.  I have a full team working on the COMMUNICATIONS TRAILER to update it with better SUB SPACE receiving capabilities.  That will be good. Keep the focus, do the cross training, and get ready to rock!!!  Peace Out!!

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