10-10-10 by dave

Just The Beginning

10- 10- 10 is an auspicious day in many belief systems, and the gross of TIN FOIL, I got at Costco recently, has not stopped the down load of COSMIC data that has been hitting me hard as of late.  I will not bore you with the details, though I have been given insight as to not hurry the process and let time be as time will be.  It is always a temptation at this juncture to try and wish myself to opening day, but that would rob me of the build up moments, which always help me get focused and centered on the return to the “BIRD WORLD”.  I took a drive up yesterday to see what I could see through the clouds that still hung low on the hill, and I got this brief first glimpse of the treasured return of the ESSENCE.  Having flowed down stream last Spring, worked its Summer magic, it is now slowly working its way back into the sky to re apply itself for the next season.  Did you ever stop to think about how all the millions of tons of precipitation that falls is floating lazily in the air above as if it weighed nothing, lighter than air?  Amazing, lighter than air is how it feels when your blasting through it.   So, here is the shot.  Zoom in on it, and the high peaks have got the STUFF.   Ciao!!

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  1. George and Lisa Lewis says:


    Soon the faithfull will once again report for duty on the tram deck.

    Are you going to ski Dynastar Sultan’s or Pro Riders this season?.


    George and Lisa

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