10-21-10 by dave


Well, I have finally got fully back to the local COSMIC vicinity, which is close enough to get some pre season things done before the opener.  I have retrieved the Communications Trailer from its high desert location and got it set up for the continuing down loads.   While I have been gone, in the ongoing DARK MATTER WARS, I have had occasion to share  tales of the ULTRA ESSENCE with many folks, from various STAR GROUPS, who are always eager to know what is this Powder of which I speak.   I tell them to swing by and check it out for themselves, as it is no secret.  Last year, I was pleasantly surprised to catch this GALACTIC FEDERATION ship discretely parked over Superior, cleverly disguised as as Lenticular  formation.  Of course, no one took any notice, except those of the cognoscenti, who do not dismiss a dead give away for a cloaked STAR SHIP.   Word got back to me that they were mighty impressed with the display of elegant dance they witnessed and have been scouring the  GALAXY for another planet with such ESSENCE.   I’ll keep you posted if they find it.  I just thought I would share that with you, so that if you happen to see an innocent looking cloud hovering  about , go ahead and give them a hearty wave because they ARE checking it out!!!  I am just saying!!!   Ciao

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  1. Merrill J Thierman says:

    Hey Dave Powers! How have you been?

  2. dave says:

    Doing great! Get you butt back out here!!

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