4-16-15 by dave

A pounding East wind was the main feature of the day, as the last system moved off to the East, leaving in it’s wake a festival of goodness.  One of the largest turnouts of the Faithful I have ever seen showed up for the day’s promise. Once again, the energy was dripping in the bull pen and the stoke factor felt like electricity.  Here is a shot of Stevo and Scotty sharing tales of Powder.  DSC02802 With the high winds, the snow quality was affected, especially on the East facing aspects, but most lines were still offering cold dry lines, with only some areas stripped off revealing that old crusty layer.  The Peruvian Chair was fired up again to help with the demand for the goods, and after the Mineral Basin opened up the pressure moved to that back bowl where the wind had worked the pack.  Here is a shot of the Little Cloud Bowl still waiting for the rope drop.  DSC02804I hit the Forklift Chair for the daily breakfast tradition, where we all compared notes on our runs and plans for the after breakfast session.  I was not going to venture out to Mineral Basin due to the very high pressure on the lift.   Here is a shot of the Carvinator and myself at the table discussing the options. SSYt0Kro8FRnw9P9z76ijwBk3xqDxc1_228EDnIK34Ldu0QlbAKfJB8SHYqD_aZjM2SG1lGxNJ8uPA-orpJ5tNA880AsH0anfm-3kNcnL81tPai4dyQEYcdB-rWKSijH25MolomEjpO1uqhslZbLOihvq54BVioHvIFKq7lp5P7jp6hwr2i_xr-SiKAG0X9iBWq2a  When the traffic got spread out, the lines subsided on the front of the hill, making the lap time much better.  While today was not as blower epic as yesterday,  the snow quality overall was excellent and did not disappoint.  Here is a shot of The Jersey Girl, ripping as usual and getting a massive face shot that illustrates the most excellent conditions that this storm brought.  Photo by Lewis Arevalo.  This is charging in the first degree and this is not a set up shot!!x7_M25_XRdaHI4bazOcNZRW2szjEq5Q2otEHBetvkU1bU-LJMi83qtO7d6Pys6_ocDvOglKHsjprvnIG51vcJ7X271161VARdN0SxaHuvktuKVLunS66uoVB8EwaHjWv5isE7ZUpJAiZvS9duMLTdsWFWFtJhXBLD1yfsLRkFr7u4GQU9YnpDFrer771pxriSAKuZTomorrow, look for another fairly cold morning as the cold air lingers just a bit longer, but warming will be happening rapidly during the day.  Staying ahead of the Sun will be the order of the day, though the East facing aspects have already been affected. The Groomers will be offering Hydro Velvet perfection for the morning session.  The High North will still be offering the cold dry snow, and should hold up well all day.  The ambient temps. will be slow to get to these aspects.  The interference patterns are very mellow after being ignored during the last freeze thaw cycle.  See you there for a great day of Spring Winter snow for another day.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. marie says:

    Go !, Jersey Girl. Great Shot. We all “almost” lost hope, but LLC delivered !!

  2. marie says:

    Special thanks to the Snow Safety and Ski Patrol, who worked the storm with a staff that was lean, as many have already gone onto other things for their summer lives.

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