3-17-13 by dave

The wind was nuking this morning with snow driving sideways as the storm moved in.  On the hill there was an inch of fresh high density Essence that began to stick to the dance floor, but the North wind kept stripping it off the steep sections.  The low angle slopes were sumptuous, but the variability, along with the marginal visibility, made for a challenging morning.  The High North was still holding the cold, but all other exposures were very difficult if you ventured off the prepared runs.  Traction was good, thought there were slick spots here and there that threw a wrench in the consistency.  The wind sped on the peak was formidable indeed, and it was not long till the Tram close due to wind.  One inch is about all we are going to get out of this impulse, but the delivery of fresh product will work into the machine worked runs to refresh the crustiness that has developed with the  recent warmth.  Perhaps we might get some additional accumulation, but that will be a bonus if it works out.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to provide the best lines of the day, but look to the High North to have the best off trail lines, which have also smoothed out quite a bit during the past few days.  Avoid those South, West, and East exposures as they will be very difficult to negotiate until some softening occurs.  Here is a shot of the Sunday Cliffs I took last Friday when it was looking very nice indeed.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!DSC01364

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