3-18-13 by dave


There were low clouds and snow still falling, with the peak temp. at 7 Degrees to start the day.  I had contemplated taking my cold weather coat down to the Trailer, but it came in handy as the wind and cold was stinging.  As anticipated, there was additional accumulation overnight, with continued snowfall that cushioned the hard pan that was expected.  It was certainly nice to have some soft tooth to set the edges in, but it was still very greasy underneath.  The High North was offering some very nice lines, as it still is holding the cold and the smoothing factor of traffic and wind was in full effect.  Of special note was the traverse out to the Bookends, which had collected the goods and was very nice.  The clouds began to move off and the Sun began to make an appearance here and there, but it was much too cold for it to affect the quality to any degree.  Those previously Sun worked exposures are still rasty and will be extra challenging if you try to negotiate those off trail sections.  The North wind was transporting the new snow to the South and East exposures, but it was not nearly enough to mitigate the gnar that lives underneath. Tomorrow, look for a mixture of clouds and Sun, with still cold temps, though it should be a bit warmer. The High North will still be offering the best lines off trail, and the Groomers should be getting more DSC00691consistent, but the lower mountain is still going to be crispy, so look for the tenderized lines that the Cat Crew puts down to mellow the ride.  Here is a shot of the recent melt off that creates these deep reforming water formations.  Trippy!   Ciao!!

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    Looking through a glass onion.

    Pretty tho…


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