12-28-16 by dave

Visibility was at a premium for the morning session, with white out conditions making it difficult to navigate.   The Morning Crew chose a rousing run down Lupine Loop in Mineral Basin to take advantage of the trees there for visual reference.  The Groomers were, once again smooth and trustworthy in the limited visibility.   Light snow was falling, giving a fresh feel, with the added goodness of wind deposited product just to make it that much better.  If you can’t see, it is nice to know you can trust the carpet to carry you down.  On the front of the hill, the off trail was still sporting that low amplitude rumble, but was getting filled in a bit by the transported snow.  As the morning wore on, there were some signs of clearing.  Here is yet another shot of the Mine across the Valley covered with the latest installment.  I wonder what folks 10,000 years in the future will make of that excavation.  img_0032After Noon, the Sun came out and it just lit up the hill and showed just how sweet the lines really were.  I went over to Gad 2 to check out conditions there, finding some beautiful shots of powder in the trees.  Here is a shot of Boundary Bowl looking sweet in the afternoon Sun.    The Exotic Trees were offering some very soft snow that had been sheltered from the wind, butimg_0042there was a lot of interest, so you can expect to work a bit harder to find a line there now.  I met Team ToGoMonroe at the top of Gad 2 and shared a moment of appreciation for the great snow that we had enjoyed all day.  It is such a treat to meet folks who really get how special these conditions really are.  img_0044Tomorrow, look for a really beautiful day, with warmer temps., great visibility, and more exquisitely smooth lines courtesy of the Cat Crew.  I expect light traffic once again, so a vertical extravaganza will be on hand.  Be looking for wind smoothed lines on some of the  Eastern aspects, as the afternoon wind was really carrying the material when I stopped to check out the loading.  You can expect good conditions, with dry chalky snow resident wall to wall.   In closing here is as great shot of  Team Kinderhaus, who were enjoying the ambience at the Summit img_0040Restaurant.  This group represents some of deepest roots of Snowbird, that extend back before the opening in ’71.    See you tomorrow for the carve fest!!!  Keep It Tight To The Fall Line!!

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