2-23-17 by dave

A very deep and light installment greeted the morning crew, with blower quality top to bottom.  The Tram was backed up early, but the chairs were wide open and got you to the goods quickly.  I worked the quads on both sides of the hill to access the lines I had in mind, and the wind added to the depth in the shots I chose to explore.  There really was not a shot on the hill that was not amazing, so it was great for everyone everywhere.   Here is a shot of the mascot Subaru that is parked on the Plaza showing off the recent accumulation.  The wind was howling up high, so there were lines that were offering free refills with each return.  So many of the lines I chose were so deep that a full on fall line power blast approach was required to keep the momentum going through the deepening Essence.  The snow was falling with amazing intensity, making the visibility a real issue, and the accumulation was impressive all day long.  With a 2:30PM road closure, I tried to get out ahead of the crowd, but the super greasy road conditions sent me back to my parking space to wait a better time.  Tomorrow, look for another amazing day of deep powder.  The road will be closed in the AM., so check the road reports for access to the Canyon.  The conditions will be all time after today’s accumulation and the continued snow fall overnight.  I am going to take a very casual approach to getting up the Canyon, as pressure will be heavy.  See you there for the all time quality and very deep luxury!  See the Line, BE the Line!!

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