2-22-17 by dave

The Essence that was delivered overnight was of amazing quality top to bottom and on all aspects.  Some of the steep West  faces had sloughed a bit, but over all everywhere you chose was blower deep and as good as it gets.  The new installment had just the right buoyancy that made all the shots I went for bottomless.  The traffic was very heavy for the goods, so I worked the ignored uphill lift to get a jump on the goods that were waiting.  Here is a shot of the deep trees where I found face shots and no pressure for the lines. Yes it was just that deep.  Sometimes going for the obscure is staying one step ahead of the game.  Mineral Basin opened a bit later in the day, where the big lines offered goodness that drew hoots, hollars, and gasps of amazement from the Faithful.  It certainly was one of those days that is written about in the magazines.  As the pack got worked over, the harbor chop began to rise, however, a slow, round, deliberate approach made moving through the piles fun and easy.  Hitting it hard and blasting was a workout in the first degree.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to cover the hill as it is snowing hard here at The Trailer as I write this.  You can count on all aspects being great once again with the fresh coating.  All entrances are fat and full, with the High North drops good to go.  All that wind worked wonders during that last high velocity blast the other day.  There will still be high pressure for the goods, so use you go to methods to stay ahead of the game.  IBBY!!

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