4-17-17 by dave

A large corn window opened early this morning as there was a freeze, but not a deep freeze.  The tenderized lines were offering deep granular corn goodness that was exquisite, with each turn feeling smooth and silky.  Out in Mineral Basin, the light was a bit flat with that high cloud deck that obscured the Sun, but the big open lines were smokin’.  Lone Star had a fresh buff and that line felt back country good, and a few fast laps there were in order.  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew hitting the front side with a stop at Old Yeller, where we were trying to decide which   of the front side options to pursue.  We chose the Gad 2 – Bassakward – buffed line that worked it’s way down to the bottom of the hill.  It offered amazing granular corn goodness as well.  On the Peruvian side of the hill, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path was the go to line that had soft perfect corn top to bottom.  You have to get as much of the perfect as there is, as it was not going to last long with the warm ambient temps.  Here is a shot of Team Shred, who was going lap to lap with us, and were keeping a very brisk pace.  Tomorrow, look for a windy pre storm day as the approaching cold front is taking it’s time moving in from the West.  The forecast has a lot of moisture predicted for this installment, however, it is uncertain if the cold will get here in time to have it snow on the hill as the precipitation begins.  I am betting on a very nice snow event.  It is always great to have fresh snow, but this corn window has been a real treat.  Traffic should be very light and big vertical will be easy to max out.  Stay Frosty!!

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