4-16-17 by dave

High clouds burned off as the Sun rose in the sky this morning.  Mineral basin had been primed with wide open Groomed lines that were ready to go with opening bell.  With no one on the hill for the first hour, it left the lines vacant and fast fast fast.  Lone Star had been given a fresh till, with that steep lower section offering that sorbet feel on the very first run.  Later, as the day warmed up, the sorbet window opened and lasted well into the afternoon.   With the repeated freeze thaw cycle we have had of late, the snow has matured into real Corn goodness, where the granularity keeps the pack from getting that sticky feel on the lowest sections.  The Easter Bunny visited the locker room in the early pre Tram hour.  Here is a shot of Wynonna getting a hug.Later in the day, the off trail began to break, making some of those more adventurous lines  well worth the traverse to access.  Here is a shot of a very well executed figure 8 pattern.  Some might see some serious subtext in this symbol, so I will leave it to you to seek the Gnosis that is evident here.  On the front of the hill, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path were offering the sweet, smooth, steep lines that felt big mountain smooth,, making me think about all those back country lines that have just the right feel but one has to really work to get there.  This brand new Cat was parked on the Peak this morning with the West Twin framed in the back ground. This is the new generation of  Industrial Smoothers that make those buffed lines so compelling.  There has been a marked improvement in the consistency of the Groomed lines this year, where the seams are perfectly blended and there is no cross chop.  A Stunning job this crew does daily, and I so look forward to what I will find each day.  Tomorrow, look for some clouds to obscure the Sun, but the Groomers will offer the consistency that you can trust in the flat light. Look for the big lines to be tilled, and also keep an eye out for some new additions, as they have been slipped into the mix quietly.  Off trail could be rough again so check it out first. IBBY!!

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