2-25-17 by dave

Flurries continued today after that huge dump of the last cycle.  Pressure for the goods was heavy as expected, but there was a lot of deep snow waiting in the wings. The groomers were off the charts deluxe and the off trail was still offering the soft pack wall to wall.  With the visibility a bit variable, and the cold temps., the quality of the pack remained excellent all over the hill.  This season kind of reminds me of the ’94 season where a lot of snow came fast and the quality was amazing much like this season.  Here is a shot of me on West Baldy in 43” when Mike Chew and I got a full Tram head start on the crowd when the Patrol dropped the rope. This was one of those memories that I will never forget and it was a treat to have Mike Chew get the living proof.  I am sure these past days will be etched in the memories of all the folks who got similar experiences.  The Bird makes memories that last a life time.  Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, awesome groomers to dial in your inner Ligety, and soft lines all over the hill with some pockets of wonder waiting to be found.  Conditions are all time, and there is more on the way as another system is forecast to move in later in the day.  I will be back on the hill tomorrow and will get a closer look at the hill.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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