3-30-16 by dave

A light dusting had been added to the pack, which was much less than I thought would have accumulated based on the weather loop. None the less, the fresh dusting added a welcome feel to the Groomers that were smooth and fun.  Those areas that had not opened yesterday were opened today, with a full court press for the goods that were still fresh and deep.  The cold temps. and lack of Sun preserved the quality on all sides of the hill.  The Sun did try to burn through the high cloud deck, but as new flurries moved in, the visibility got variable as the clouds moved through.  I was sticking with the smooth lines I had dialed in from yesterday, and found deep pockets still available away from the crowd.  As the day wore on, the Groomers became a bit choppy, and my knees were beginning to complain.  Still, the quality was still good wall to wall.   Since the visibility kept me from getting a good shot of the day, I offer this great shot of Christmas 2011 048-1Douglas Thiel, a young hard charger demonstrating some high edge angle, and a full commitment style on Regulator earlier this year.    I love the dynamics of this shot and the momentum it illustrates.   Tomorrow, look for another cold morning with great Groomers for the morning session.  The off trail is still offering soft lines on all sides of the hill.  Some of the old layer is beginning to peak through, but over all that is of no consequence.  There may be some visibility issues if the clouds persist, but we will just have to see.  Take advantage of these Winter conditions before the weather warms up later this week.  IBBY!!

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