2-19-20 by dave

It was cold and fast this morning, with clear blue skies, perfectly prepared machine worked lines, and empty lines for the morning session. There was a fair push for the first Tram, so working the Mineral Basin lines got you out ahead of the crowd, and open lines were fast and furious. Here is a shot of Mikey M getting more of the fresh lines that are still to be had out in the Exotic Trees.

Mikey M getting the still untracked lines out in the Exotic Trees.

The Main Chute in Alta was open today with a lot of interest for that classic line. Here is a shot of Flyin’ Brian Beck keeping a tight line just off the drop in.

Dry chalky quality make this line a classic and a demanding test of stamina.

The Front side of the hill was offering great lines that were maintaining the smooth dry chalk well into the afternoon, and the cold temps kept the snow well refrigerated and perfect. Lower Primrose Path was just insane with such sweet dust holding on to the sides of the gully. Tomorrow, look for continued cold out of the North. The Groomers will be offering amazing steep lines that will keep your motor running and asking for more. The off trail is still dry and chalky with some wind smoothing here and there. The hill is in great shape and is happening. IBBY!!

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