4-09-13 by dave

It was 9 Degrees on the peak this morning, after the storm left another 11” of 10% Essence for the Faithful to explore.  The high winds moved the goods from the East faces to the protected exposures, where there were knee deep lines that felt bottomless.  I lapped White Diamonds twice out in Mineral Basin with no pressure at all, and then made my way out to Lone Pine to see how it was looking.  I had not been out that traverse in weeks, and I was treated to getDSC01434 untracked lines all the way.  Bonus!!  Here is a shot of Lone Pine looking as good as it was and ready for fun.  There was just a modicum of bottom reverberations, but not enough to dampen the joy.  After a leisurely breakfast at the Forklift, I sojourned out to the far reaches of Mineral Basin, and still found deep untrammeled lines until 1:00PM.   The cold and cloud cover kept the quality from being affected by the Spring Sun assault, and the hill was still good to go when I finally ran out of Gas.  There was only light traffic on the hill, so it was just a matter of playing the hunches and getting the goods.  YES!!!  Tomorrow, look for the hill to still be holding the cold on all exposures, with the exception of those South faces that caught the last rays of Sun that appeared very late in the day, but over all it will be another fun day.  The Groomers are going to be Winter dry and chalky, so get those ground pounding runs in before they get worked and the Sun affects the quality.  Follow the Sun again, this time staying ahead of the damage instead of waiting for the softening as we were doing just last week. Great skiing and more on the way in the forecast.  See  you for the ground pounding fun in the AM.   Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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