12-03-17 by dave

The Trailer was rockin’ as a stout South wind was blowing out ahead of a cold front that is bringing much anticipated precipitation to the Front. The Sun was out for most of the morning after some clouds were hanging on the peaks for the start of the day. Temps were balmy, but would drop quickly with the passage of the Front. I did not venture up to the hill today to give myself some time to get the Trailer fully set up for the Winter. We can expect some lake effect snow in the AM, with some fresh cover to start out the day. I will be dressing for storm riding, and will finally have to put on Goggles. I have so been enjoying sliding with the shades on. We will have to see how much traffic shows up for the new snow, but I think it is going to be fairly mellow. It will be very nice to feel some real product under foot. See you there for the early runs. Stay Frosty!!

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