12-02-17 by dave

The temps. were brisk this morning as The Bird opened again for the season, and with the approaching weather, I think it is safe to assume it will remain open for the duration of the Season. I dressed for how I wanted it to be, but the brisk air caught me a bit off guard. I was trying hard to avoid wearing a hat, but had to break it out. I love sliding with the top down. Up on the hill, the Snow Making Team and Cat Crew did a great job getting the hill covered top to bottom with a solid firm carpet that had plenty of traction to keep the turns clean and green in the narrow margins. The Patrol was in full attendance top to bottom, keeping the lid on any wildness. For the most part the Faithful were polite and keeping the dial well in the slow zone. I did not see any rocks at all on any part of the run and the quality had a Winter feel. The crowd was moderate and the line was not long at all during the time I spent on the hill. I made 3 runs to get a look at things and visit with folks who were stoked to be back on the hill. I was not able to get a suitable shot for today’s post due to the low Sun angle, so I offer this piece of the Art I have been doing. I like getting high contrast vibrant colors to flow together in amazing ways. My hand never touches these pieces and are fully Universe Driven. I am just the facilitator of whatever energies are present at the time. Tomorrow, look for more good turns to be had to get your juices flowing and your legs feeling the rhythm. Coverage will still be very good with fresh corduroy to enjoy, especially for the early risers. A fair bit of weather is on the way, which will be a huge improvement for the conditions. IBBY!!

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