2-21-10 by dave

You would think that it would be sunny on Sunday, but….No!  Variable visibility was the deal today with just a hint of frost on the hill to offer just an extra bit of softness.  The Groomers were epic again with Mineral Basin sporting sunshine on the first Tram and quickly filling in for second.  If you did not get it right off you missed it.  The carve-ability was, off the charts, smooth and consistent making me think I was dreaming…and in no hurry to wake up any time soon.  The “Chef” called today edgetastic and I believe he was correct in his assessment.    The off trail still sports the low amplitude chop which I avoid to save the knees for better times.  There was quite a representation by the faithful, pushing the Tram line up to a 2 Tram wait.  The line moved quickly and it gave every one a chance to get spread out over the hill.  The runs themselves were crowded as well with the Quads doing the heavy lifting. I opted to work the Gad side of the hill to avoid all the clutter.  Tomorrow will be much quieter, though there is a large contingent of folks from the East visiting this week.  The high North aspects are holding fairly smooth lines with soft snow where ever you look.  I would watch out for the choke points where the snow has been scraped down to the rocks in many places.  The lower Primrose Path was buffed once again for this morning giving the bottom of the hill the added stoke factor that that piece of real estate commands when it is served up like that.  I think that it will hold the smooth through the day and be good to go first thing in the AM.  See you tomorrow.  IBBY!!

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