3-07-18 by dave

It was wall to wall carpet crusin’ this morning on all sides of the hill after the Grooming Crew had lavished an extra helping of Love on the product. Mineral Basin was offering a bit warmer feel to the crisp nip of the morning air. We were taking advantage of all the un tracked corduroy that was spread out from one end of the hill to the other. And, with the low traffic, we were able to find fresh nap to shave wherever we found the fresh lines. I was able to get a totally untouched line of corduroy freshness at 10:45AM down the right side of Emma. What a treat so late in the AM. Here is a shot of Team Oklahoma. These ladies had never been to any mountains and they certainly came to the right place. When we got half way up they started to really GET IT. The hill held up well with the light traffic, and back to back Trams were easy and fast. The off trail is beginning to set up on those aspects that get the direct Sun, so begin to take that into consideration as the Sun is high in the sky now. High frequency, low amplitude rumble is widespread, with interference patterns becoming more well defined as those high traffic lines get worked over. Here is a shot of Team Powder Pigs, who are fellow veterans of the Dark Matter Wars. They continue to fight valiantly, but were able to spend some quality time here on the hill where Robot’s Rules Of Order do NOT apply. Tomorrow, look for another amazing morning of Hydro Velvet goodness. Soft lines can still be found on the High North off trail aspects, but be aware of the Sun and how it has been working the hill. Mineral Basin will be offering the Sun filled lines that will start the day off with a bang. Watch your SIX!

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