4-22-17 by dave

The Sun was bright and the sky was clear for today’s offerings.  With the warm temps. and bright Sun it was a race around the dial to stay ahead of the baking snow surface. The protected off trail lines were still holding the residual soft of yesterday’s powder festival, and the Groomers were offering the smooth corduroy with all that new product mixed into the mat.  Some very high thin clouds began to move in ahead of the next impulse that is headed this way.  Here is a shot of the Sun Dog I took with an interesting Blue ORB just to the left.  Now, many would say lens flair, but I took 5 shots of this because I just can’t see that little screen in the Sun, and none of the other shots had this little guy.  Lens flair perhaps, but I am going with Blue ORB.  Tomorrow, look for clouds to have moved in for the day, with some showers, perhaps, showing up.  Look for the Groomers for those good to go lines that will get your motor running.  We will have to see if we get a freeze, but tenderizing efforts will help the traction.  I think it will be fairly mild, so it should be easy to find the smooth lines and I will be looking for the sorbet window to open on the front side.  See you there for those ground pounding laps in the AM.   “….. Explode Into Space”!!!

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