4-23-17 by dave

With a cloudy day forecast, it was a treat to have the morning break bright, sunny, and warm.  Mineral Basin was primed and ready for fun with White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper offering the sorbet goodness for the very first runs.  Lone Star had also been given the royal treatment, that called for many lap returns to get as much of that treasure as possible. On the front of the hill, the upper elevations were still holding some of that soft feel, but lower down the pack had frozen and needed some time to break. Over on Gad 2, nice sorbet lines were happening, as the Sun was working, and the feel was sweet and rippable. Here is a shot of Sully and Jake at The Landing as we took stock of a great season, and reflected on the amazing conditions and cover that is still full, fat, and wonderful.  We also took a moment to wish our good friends Tramrat and Patti the best wishes on the trip to the coast.  Clouds began moving in around Noon and the lights went out, with the pack becoming soft and sticky on the lower elevations.  It paid to stay up high and work the good North facing aspects for the longest lasting quality on such a balmy morning.  Tomorrow, there will be scaled back lift service, with Gad Zoom and Gad 2 closing for the season.  Be sure to factor that into your approach to the hill.  There is weather in the forecast and the clouds are looking thick and dark.  We will have to see what kind of freeze we get, but there will still be good Groomers to work, with tenderized lines for traction.   As a parting note, I have been redeployed in the on going Dark Matter Wars, which continue with a frenzied intensity.   I will not be on the hill daily, but I will be able to rematerialize on the Weekends via the Jump Room Technology that makes long travel between Galaxies as fast as entering a room.  I will post when I have first hand knowledge of the conditions.  Stay tuned, and know that the hill is in great shape and Spring conditions will continue to be excellent.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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