12-24-11 by dave

Today was one of those Blue Bird Days that they put in the magazines, lacking only the copious amounts of fresh Essence to fill in the shot. Despite the low snow, the fresh installment we received the other day has helped make the 40th celebration much better, as the Cat crew have material to work into the mat.   I was not able to get over to  Gad 2 before leaving the Planet, but the main runs looked well covered, and you have to know the off trail, like the rest of the hill, is still thin with many natural hazards just below the surface.  The Little Cloud Chair is now in play as well, increasing the uphill capacity, providing more options to keep you on the move.  Tomorrow, look for continued smoothness on the prepared runs, and use caution as you explore the off trail sections.  My first year here, 1976, was a low snow year and I was thinking about all the lines we had established to get through all the rock areas on the main runs.  Now we have the snow making top to bottom, providing solid coverage, but I was remembering the day when there was no choice but to explore and execute the lines.   Sign Line Gully was one of the rare lines that by passed the rocks, and yesterday still looked like it held some interesting possibilities.   So, it is worth the effort to scout around a bit, with the majority of the off trail worked over revealing the issues.  Be Well all and enjoy the sunshine!!!   END TRANSMISSION

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