12-23-11 by dave

American Fork Twins

Pristine valley veiw.

I got the first Tram on the first day of the 40th year the Tram has been open today, and it was a beautiful morning.  The Groomers had worked the new snow into the existing base, creating a velvet smooth finish.  Some area still had the hard glaze, but overall there is great cover.  The attendance is up, however the increased lift capacity makes that a non issue on the  up side, but the traffic on the hill is tight.  Be aware and look up hill.  Off trail is getting better all the time, though it still must be respected, as some of the hazards are just covered, so take care.  Tomorrow, look for continued good conditions despite the low snow.   I will be leaving the Planet for the Mother Ship for a few days, so my reports will be from  very high Earth orbit.  I have my ways of getting information, so I will be reporting as usual.  I want to give a huge shout out to the Chef, who is on a recon mission in Thailand spreading the energy of the Wasatch with all who meet him.  In that spirit, here are two shots for the folks around the World who read this report.  The high Summit of American Fork twins, combined with the pristine vision from 11,000′ in one package.  The high country that we all know and love.  Happy holidays to all, and I Will Be Back!!!    Peace out

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