1-13-16 by dave

The clouds were delayed today until after 2PM when a cloud deck moved in and the winds began to howl.  All morning long, the Sun was filtering through some high clouds that made visibility on the front of the hill interesting, but with much better definition out in Mineral Basin.  Mineral Basin was the place to be this morning, with a fresh till on Lower Silver Dipper that had some very nice transported buff covering the corduroy.  Shear perfection on all those prepared lines.  I dressed for how I wanted it to be- knowing I was wrong- and found by self under gunned in the stiff morning breeze.  Here is a shot of the Jersey Boys who were ready to rock first Tram this  morning.  They read this site and were stoked to know I was right about this morning’s fun. DSC03411  As the wind built to a roar, transported snow began to deposit along the low areas.  I was looking for the freshness, when the Big Wind came up and shut down the Tram and Peruvian Chair.  I had to bail after being pounded by the insane gust  while being some of the last off the Peruvian Chair.  Tomorrow, look for weather to have moved in.  Dress for heavy weather and colder temps..  Remember the smooth lines from today as they will be offering the best feel for the morning session.  Off trail was getting tricky as the wind scoured the pack, so tread lightly.   Coverage is still good over all, and with new snow, you can be more confident with the lines you choose. DSC03412   I was up at the Summit today and I was struck by the incredible wood work that was done there.  Check out the fine furniture finish on all this wood and the stellar execution.  See you there for the exploratory runs in the AM.  IBBY!!


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