1-12-16 by dave

It was another beautiful morning, with brisk temps., perfect Groomers, and some wind lines that had been filled in with yesterday’s persistent bluster.   I dressed lighter this morning, but I found I was under dressed and should have stayed with my heavy weather coat.  Out in the Lewis and Clark area there were the distinct tracks of TrenchZilla and Carvesaurus Rex sliced into the perfect carpets.  Here is a shot of some of the evidence…. You be the judge.  DSC03401 On the front of the hill, the dry chalk feel is wall to wall, with the off trail still offering great lines, but with a low amplitude rumble that keeps you honest.  Great Grooming has been performed there as well, and new lines have been worked, and it is a treat to find those fresh tilled lines that demand some deep digging turns just for fun.  The wind lines were the highlight of the day, with the big South East aspects having been filled in along the lee side of the rolls.  It took a bit of dead reckoning to feel where the smooth would lead.  Once found, it was just a matter of following the smooth all the way down.  What a treat.   Tomorrow, look for some clouds to be moving in ahead of a long stretch of storms that is predicted to last into next week.  I will be dressing for cold once again, but check the temps. before making the call.  The Groomers will be offering stellar carving Hydro Velvet that is as good as it gets.  You can do no wrong when it is this good and it makes all the early season training pay off big time.  I was checking out the Summit again today and got this shot of Twins looking through the WINDOW.  DSC03403There are so  many great angles to this building that I will be looking for more unusual takes for photo ops.  I also ran into these great friends who have been here with me all these years.  It is great to share these moments in this new space as we all head into the new Snowbird future.  Straight Ahead!!! DSC03402

3 Responses to “RIPPING ARCS”

  1. Alan Durlester says:

    Always good to see you Dave.
    Love your reports, after 40 years you know this
    mountain like no other.
    To many more years!!

  2. Craig Yanase says:

    Dave, your site keeps me abreast of conditions and familiar faces of my past. Susie and James look great! Hope to see everyone when i’m visiting the dream at the end of the month.

  3. Great to see you, Dave. Keep up the good work.
    Cheers and Happy New Year.
    Jim and Susie

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