1-18-16 by dave

Today was a storm day right from the word Go, with wind, snow and marginal visibility to test the metal of the folks who were on deck for the festivities.  2 or 3 inches of high density snow covered the dance floor, with the product from yesterday solidified a bit.  Mineral Basin was offering very nice lines on the Groomers, but there was a bit of static on the off trail sections.  I stuck with the known smooth, and with the marginal visibility, found some consistent carving lines that just felt solid and accurate.  On the front of the hill, the Free Ride competition was occupying Silver Fox, however there was plenty of room to move, and the visibility was much improved with the reflected light from the trees.  The serious dumping began around Noon, with very light righteous Utah Light falling at some inches per hour.  During the breakfast break, we were joined by Margo who graces the table with her presence.  You can see the Carvinator   DSC03428  photo bombing the shot.  Doh!!!  After breakfast, I headed out to check out some of the side lines I have been scoping, where I found fairly smooth lines and interesting terrain features.  I also took a minute to visit the Summit at Hidden Peak and got this shot of these chickens roasting so they would be ready for the lunch rush.  They sure look good and smelled wonderful as well.  DSC03426Check those taters roasting in the bottom tray.  Gives me some ideas for tonight’s dinner.  Tomorrow, look for more overnight accumulation, which should be of the finest quality.  Traffic may be amping for the goods, so get there early and check the road report for restrictions.  The hill is filling very nicely, especially after that wind and dense snow event.  The interference patterns are filling in a bit, and the cadence is getting better as the longer turns in this new snow are moderating the amplitude.  It is going to be great.20160116_195307Here is a parting shot sent to us from The CHEF who is down in Brazil hitting the beaches and warm weather.  You have to know he is having the time of his life. Rock ON CHEF!!  As a See you there for the deep.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM


  1. Darren T says:

    Bringing my daughter for her first trip to the Bird tomorrow. She’s been reading your blog with me back home in CT for the last few weeks! Looks like the snow tomorrow will probably be the highlight of our Utah trip! We will be looking for a pic with you tomorrow!

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