4-11-13 by dave

The wind was howling, and the rain was pounding on the Trailer from the wee hours of the morning, signaling the additional accumulation up on the hill.  The density was quite a bit higher today, and was not quite as forgiving as the previous days.  The high velocity North wind was thinning the accumulation from the exposed lines and depositing on the opposite slopes.  The low angle sections seemed the most luxurious and felt nice with the creamy consistency.   The Cirque was offering some nice lines, but the West faces were still feeling the bottom features despite the cushion.  Visibility was at a premium for most of the day, with only short periods of visibility, which helped keep the new product from morphing too much.  The Freeride Competition is going on this week, and the venue sections are out of play for a bit.  Tomorrow, look for clearing skies before the next installment comes in later in the weekend.  The Groomers will be great in the AM. and there might still be some lines that were overlooked with the visibility issues, so keep an eye out for some gold.  Coverage is good with the last few days of accumulation adding to the pack in a big way.   It will be a great day, so be sure to get it all.  Here is a shot of the Twins cornice blowing streamers in the high North Wind yesterday.  Massive!!!   Ciao!!DSC01437

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