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It was a joyous beginning to a New Season, as The Faithful were in line early waiting for the first Tram of the Season to lift them to the Summit. There was high energy and expectation as the Tram hit the dock on the peak, and the folks were not disappointed with the sunshine, cool but still air and great cover top to bottom. The snow making crew and cat crew did an amazing job preparing the pack, with dry chalky cover and a very smooth, seamless carpet to make it easy for my very out of shape legs. Off trail was still looking thin and dicey, but the prepared lines were well covered and no rocks or gnar was to be found top to bottom. Even the return roads were well covered and smooth. I met some folks who were new to the hill and those who were coming out to dial in the goods from The Wasatch Back.

I had met Mike here on the left on first Tram and made a few runs. Here, he was skiing with Dan with the Sun shining brightly with great visibility!!

It was really fun to share the stoke with new friends and making easy, consistent turns, without the need for evasive action. Tomorrow, look for similar conditions to be offered, but we’ll have to see if that front that is coming from the North bring any clouds. Stay with the prepared lines for the best conditions, and enjoy the light traffic on the hill. Be aware that there is possible and likely Black Ice in the lower Canyon, so take it easy. The Star Cruiser broke down two miles from The Trailer, and is now in the shop. Dang!! See you in the AM. for more Sizzling laps. Stay Frosty!!



Drove the Star Cruiser up the Canyon the other day to have lunch at the Forklift, and get a look at the hill after that significant dump we had a week ago. Snow making efforts are in full effect, getting a head start on the base and making those high traffic areas ready for the expectations of The Faithful. Here is a shot of the Peruvian Gulch I took from the base of Superior.

This initial covering looks good, but it is still really thin at the bottom, but working is being done to preserve the pack.

The High Pressure pattern has returned, though some accumulation is possible over the holiday coming up. Keep your visualizations going for a super dumper and a solid Low Pressure return.

A long shot look at the upper mountain, which still looks like it needs some of the goodness to pile up before it is ready for prime time.

Up the street at Alta, the hill has been visited in large numbers and shots on FB are looking good, but still the hill needs more cover, however, it is a good start.

Ricky Rev sent this shot from Alta looking back down Canyon at Superior. Such an iconic piece of real estate.

I am excited for the season and am looking forward to reconnecting with friends who I haven’t seen all Summer. Nothing like sharing the experience with friends. Hope to see you soon as we start another season of Essential Dancing. IBBY!!!



I have returned from my Summer in the High Desert, and set The Trailer up next to corral, where Snoopy and Prickly Pete were happy to have me back for company. Here is a shot of the Sun filtered through the Western fire smoke that was drifting through the High Camp.

Red Sun makes for some trippy light and lets you look straight at the Solar Disk. A rare sight.

I stopped by to visit with The Chef, who has completely recovered from his second knee replacement. He was diligently working in his garden, where he had an abundant harvest. He gave me some of his garlic that I will use for cooking at The Trailer.

The Chef got a late start planting his corn, but the ears were sweet and tasty. The Chef says,” You are responsible for your own happiness!!”

I also stopped by and paid a visit to Tramrat, who had logged a huge number of golf rounds this Summer, and spent a lot of time tending the flowers. He is ready for the season and stoked to see the weather pattern change for the opener.

Phi Ratio patterns in this amazing blossom. Nature just does it right every time.

The weather pattern changed recently from a standing High Pressure over the West, which gave us an extended Indian Summer, to a solid Low Pressure trough that has set up and will be delivering a line of storms to The Front for the next while. The Bird has reported almost 2 feet at the base so far, and it continues to snow as I write this. I am looking forward to a stellar opening.

A snow angel visited Wynonna with yesterdays installment of Essence.

Wynonna sent this sign of wonderful things to come as we count down to the opening bell. Keep your visualizations clear and vivid, to manifest the season that may break records. All the signs are there. Straight Ahead!!!