11-30-20 by dave

It was a joyous beginning to a New Season, as The Faithful were in line early waiting for the first Tram of the Season to lift them to the Summit. There was high energy and expectation as the Tram hit the dock on the peak, and the folks were not disappointed with the sunshine, cool but still air and great cover top to bottom. The snow making crew and cat crew did an amazing job preparing the pack, with dry chalky cover and a very smooth, seamless carpet to make it easy for my very out of shape legs. Off trail was still looking thin and dicey, but the prepared lines were well covered and no rocks or gnar was to be found top to bottom. Even the return roads were well covered and smooth. I met some folks who were new to the hill and those who were coming out to dial in the goods from The Wasatch Back.

I had met Mike here on the left on first Tram and made a few runs. Here, he was skiing with Dan with the Sun shining brightly with great visibility!!

It was really fun to share the stoke with new friends and making easy, consistent turns, without the need for evasive action. Tomorrow, look for similar conditions to be offered, but we’ll have to see if that front that is coming from the North bring any clouds. Stay with the prepared lines for the best conditions, and enjoy the light traffic on the hill. Be aware that there is possible and likely Black Ice in the lower Canyon, so take it easy. The Star Cruiser broke down two miles from The Trailer, and is now in the shop. Dang!! See you in the AM. for more Sizzling laps. Stay Frosty!!

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