11-22-20 by dave

Drove the Star Cruiser up the Canyon the other day to have lunch at the Forklift, and get a look at the hill after that significant dump we had a week ago. Snow making efforts are in full effect, getting a head start on the base and making those high traffic areas ready for the expectations of The Faithful. Here is a shot of the Peruvian Gulch I took from the base of Superior.

This initial covering looks good, but it is still really thin at the bottom, but working is being done to preserve the pack.

The High Pressure pattern has returned, though some accumulation is possible over the holiday coming up. Keep your visualizations going for a super dumper and a solid Low Pressure return.

A long shot look at the upper mountain, which still looks like it needs some of the goodness to pile up before it is ready for prime time.

Up the street at Alta, the hill has been visited in large numbers and shots on FB are looking good, but still the hill needs more cover, however, it is a good start.

Ricky Rev sent this shot from Alta looking back down Canyon at Superior. Such an iconic piece of real estate.

I am excited for the season and am looking forward to reconnecting with friends who I haven’t seen all Summer. Nothing like sharing the experience with friends. Hope to see you soon as we start another season of Essential Dancing. IBBY!!!

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