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The pack has been holding tough right up to this point, but the heat is on and an High Pressure is setting up, which will bring very hot days in the next while. This is part of the big return cycle as the pack returns from whence it came. Here is a shot of my good friend Kevin standing next to one of the premier lines in White Pine. It is very hard to find, and rarely workable. I have been there many times over the years and it is a magical place.

Old Boy standing next to the flow as the pack returns so it can come back next season.

A couple weeks ago, I visited The Chef and was checking out his garden which was already busting out of the ground. It is great to touch base and see how the plants reach for the sky.

I was avoiding some bees who were trying to get to the water bath for a drink.

I am now located in the High Desert while all the World weirdness is going on, and finding Center and Balance away from the fray. Here is a shot from a little walk looking back to the Desert floor.

It is a long way from nowhere and it is perfect for perspective and appreciation of Nature and the Flow of TIME.

I’ll be keeping tabs on the happenings on the hill and will keep posting as the World begins to spin back in to gear. Be safe, Be Happy, and Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!



Now about a month into the Twilight Zone, Spring is in full swing with nice warm days and cool nights. A fast moving impulse moved through last night and watered the flowers. Up on the hill, the long absence of The Faithful has left the hill in incredible condition, with a mountain smooth on all aspects and a very rare sight indeed. Neil and Jake sent these shots of the hill with no interference patterns, no rumble, and a surface of which dreams are made .

Neil sent this shot that sets the tone for tranquility and peace in trying times.
Jake sent this shot of the lower Mountain with Lower Primrose Path looking exquisite.

I was just drooling over these shots, and will look at them all Summer long. I hope all of you out there around the World are doing well and keeping on. I’ll keep posting as new visions and ideas come to me. I’ll be heading to the High Desert for the time being to continue the process during these days. Straight Ahead!!



Still deep in The Twilight Zone and the world is quiet wall to wall. Up on the hill, the last cycle has drawn The Faithful to the back country, to get the amazing goodness that has been piling up. My forecast of an average snow total capped off just the other day, with the help of fellow visualizers that kept the overhead face shots in MIND. Here are shots that Flyin’ Brian Beck sent of a couple of his tours.

Steve Mayer digging in deep into a turn of perfect light density Essence.
FLyin’ Brian holding the line and getting the juice out of each turn.
Savannah Beck following in her Dad’s footsteps as she dials in a fresh line in the back country.

The Winter snow is still piling up, but with that accumulation comes the real chance of avalanche. There have been over 40 human triggered slides in the past stretch of time since things ground to a halt. This should be kept fully in mind when accessing the goods. A word to the wise is sufficient.

A COSMIC sky during a COSMIC time that showed up last night. Signs in the sky.

Thanks to all the great folks who keep the Bird turning everyday during the season and make it such a special place. Thanks also to all the folks who read my posts and those I get to meet during my time on the hill. All are held in my mind’s eye as I look back on the truncated season. Be safe, be well, SPEED SAFELY!!