4-28-20 by dave

The pack has been holding tough right up to this point, but the heat is on and an High Pressure is setting up, which will bring very hot days in the next while. This is part of the big return cycle as the pack returns from whence it came. Here is a shot of my good friend Kevin standing next to one of the premier lines in White Pine. It is very hard to find, and rarely workable. I have been there many times over the years and it is a magical place.

Old Boy standing next to the flow as the pack returns so it can come back next season.

A couple weeks ago, I visited The Chef and was checking out his garden which was already busting out of the ground. It is great to touch base and see how the plants reach for the sky.

I was avoiding some bees who were trying to get to the water bath for a drink.

I am now located in the High Desert while all the World weirdness is going on, and finding Center and Balance away from the fray. Here is a shot from a little walk looking back to the Desert floor.

It is a long way from nowhere and it is perfect for perspective and appreciation of Nature and the Flow of TIME.

I’ll be keeping tabs on the happenings on the hill and will keep posting as the World begins to spin back in to gear. Be safe, Be Happy, and Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!

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