4-26-15 by dave

There was a full on Winter blast on the peak this morning as the faithful were on hand to deal with the new installment that fell overnight.  Marginal visibility and stout wind felt like it was mid February as I was feeling my way down off the peak.  With limited access to Mineral Basin, I chose to check out Lupine Loop to avoid the clamor for the front of the hill, where the pressure was mostly directed.  The high winds out of the West was piling the drifts up on the cat tracks, making it dicey in the limited visibility.  The Groomer there was consistent and velvety and, it too, felt like a mid February day.  On the front of the hill, Peruvian gulch had a light accumulation that was wind affected, but was feeling good under foot, but the bottom crunch was fully in play.  The Gad side of the hill seemed a bit more inconsistent with tiles and piles making the ride a bit touchy dealing with the variations.   The Gad Zoom Chair was  operating, which helped take some of the pressure off the Tram.  There was a demo day being held for the PSIA attendees.  Here is a shot of the line up of big mountain skis at the Dynastar tent. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of the new breed.  DSC02830Tomorrow, look for improved weather as the system moves out of the area, fresh Groomers that will feel mid Winter creamy, and light traffic for the morning session.  The Peruvian Gulch will be closed for the season as the construction efforts begin on the peak facility.  Mineral Basin should be offering some very nice conditions for the morning session, but if the Sun begins to shine, the quality on those direct aspects will not take long to get manky.  It sure is nice to get this extra accumulation going into the week.  Warm weather and a renewed corn cycle will be on tap for the coming week.  Get ready for some corn goodness.  Stay Frosty!!

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