1-06-14 by dave

It was a much warmer today, but the wind was still pushing on the peak, and had worked magic on the some of the South East exposures as well as the High North aspects.  The morning crew was treated to the best snow sport sliding of the season, as the quality wind buffed was as good as it gets.  It gets deeper, but it does NOT get better.  Yum.  I just had to lap that bit of goodness all morning until I made the stop at the Forklift Chair.  After breakfast the lines were still holding up, but got a bit chopped as folks became clued into the goods.  The front side of the hill was firm, with some of the slick spots fully in play, requiring a loose approach to deal with the unseen variations.  Sharp edges just were not going to help with such quick consistency transitions.  Traffic is light, and will probably continue to be so as we move through the week, so it is a good time to take advantage of the relaxed feel on the hill.  Congestion is just not as tight as it was last week.  Nice.  Tomorrow, look for those wind lines to once again fill in if the wind continues to work the hill, and a cloud deck to make the visibility flat as the next system moves in bringing new freshness over the next few days.   Remembering the smooth lines will help with run selection with plenty of areas offering the good dry chalky feel.  Just look for the buff.  Here is a shot from today illustrating  the smooth juxtaposed with the well defined medium amplitude interference patterns that have built up over the last while.  It is sure nice to know you have options.  See you in the AM.  Think Snow!!DSC01731

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